About Us


Is a limited liability company based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Founded from the depth of accumulated experience for more than 17 years through its institutions with long experience and gained from the Saudi market.
The result of this establishment was the unity and synergy to achieve a high level of sophistication in services for all our work and implementation in line with the requirements of our customers in terms of time and quality.


Our Mission:

Design, implementation and management of buildings and maintenance of excellence in performance and commitment to quality and time with credibility and honesty.


Our Vision:

Engage in strategic partnerships with distinguished companies in all activities including contracting, to develop and market the company’s identity and image locally and abroad, and introduce modern systems and technology to ensure quality, cost and customer satisfaction.



  • Time commitment
  • Commitment to transparency and clarity.
  • Teamwork
  • Quality and safety
  • Operational Excellence
  • Social responsibility


  • Increasing revenue and increasing costs
  • Achieve continuous growth and diversification of sources of income
  • Achieving operational excellence in all business of the company
  • Attracting, developing and maintaining the best human competencies
  • Create an ideal working environment for employees
  • Strengthen relationships with existing customers and attract new customers
  • Build a customer base to establish long-term strategic relationships
  • Commitment to community development and social development

Our Services:

  • Construction and finishing of buildings
  • Implementation of all electromechanical works of plumbing, electricity, air conditioning and fire systems
  • Maintenance and cleaning of buildings and residential areas
  • Management of residential and commercial real estate
  • Interior and exterior decoration designs.
  • Manufacturing all works of iron, aluminum and stainless steel in a specialized factory of the company.


The company has a number of engineers, designers, supervisors and technicians with high experience and high level of professionalism and the ability to implement all the projects entrusted to it according to approved engineering
The company has a staff of more than (120) engineers, supervisors, technicians and workers.
The company is proud to be an integrated administrative and engineering team with more than 20 years experience in the field of construction and civil works. The company also has more than 25 years’ experience in implementing and managing large projects.



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