Construction Sector

Esnaad Western Ltd offers a complete package of general contracting services in all its departments. It adopts a team of distinguished engineers and specialists in their field of expertise.
This is what qualifies us to provide all contracting services and the implementation of the most important projects and business with high quality and competitive prices, which made it the leading company in this field, where the company depends on creativity, professionalism and workmanship in an effort to satisfy its valued customers.

  • Construction works
  • Maintenance and operation
  • Interior design
  • Finishing works
  • Electromechanical
  • Restoration work
  • Infrastructure works

The company has a team with a passion to carry out all concrete construction works, which are the most important projects of the company, and to provide projects of a high level of quality and perfection. The team reviews all the project plans before and during the construction phase. Of the construction sector to keep abreast of the progress of the construction, which enables it to complete all construction work at high speed and excellent quality. By engineers who increase their practical experience for thirty years.

Our company is specialized in the field of maintenance and operation to carry out all preventive and periodic maintenance work for the basic facilities of residential complexes or commercial establishments such as air conditioning units, electrical works, plumbing works, swimming pools, pest control and insects of all kinds, And modern equipment compliant with global standards for maintenance and operation services.

Based on our mission based on quality, creativity and innovation, Esnaad Western Ltd offers all interior decoration and design works for villas, palaces, exhibitions, restaurants, offices, residential, administrative, commercial and other buildings according to the latest international technical and engineering designs that are in line with the customers’ wishes and needs. And even final delivery.

Our company has worked to upgrade the services of the contracting sector in all its departments, especially the finishing works department. It includes a distinguished team of the best specialists in the finishing works who work very hard to carry out the finishing works according to the approved technical and engineering standards. Execution of many and many projects for hotels, residential buildings, palaces, commercial towers and others to achieve the wishes of its customers in full. The most important advantages granted by the company to its customers finish finishing works in high quality during a short and specific period due to its reliance on counting Large premium employment in that area.

The company executes and maintains all the electromechanical works of air conditioning, ventilation, internal and external drainage works, networks and infrastructure, fire alarms, electrical work and CCTV systems, with the highest level of quality and efficiency that suits the international standards.

Our company provides a comprehensive and comprehensive package of all restoration works, which control the age of the default construction and the safety of the individuals, and the belief in the importance of maintaining the safety of buildings and free of cracks to avoid damage; The company provides the structural examination of the facilities and identify the reasons for the occurrence of cracks and detection of water leakage and writing the necessary reports On the history of cracks and water leakage and identify the necessary remedial steps to reduce the problem and restore the building to its original state.

Our company has the experience and the efficiency that makes it the leader in the implementation of all infrastructure works, using the best competencies and expertise of the work teams in the contracting sector of the company, enabling it to carry out all the construction infrastructure work of roads and buildings, and includes the transfer of waste drilling operations to the places allocated for it.






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