Real Estate Sector

The real estate development department includes a distinguished group of the best experts, consultants and staff in the fields of design and construction; those who work hard and master to meet the desires of our customers in full, and the implementation of all real estate projects with extreme precision and professional professionalism and competitive prices will be unparalleled, making it the leading edge, To Esnaad customers to enjoy the best real estate services ever.


Real Estate Brochures 

  • Property Management
  • Owners Union
  • Sale and property
  • Maintenance and operation
  • Marketing & Leasing

Esnaad Western Ltd offers many services that facilitate the management of property, marketing, leasing, maintenance and operation of residential, commercial and administrative properties for customers. You can now rely on a team of the best cadres and experts to provide professional services in accordance with the highest international standards approved, and it is an honor to us that Esnaad is the broker approved by the rental network at the Ministry of Housing Membership No. 12182.

The company is a unique and unique program that promotes the culture of co-existence between owners and occupants of housing units. It is called the “Union of Owners” program which ensures the beneficial use of units by the owner and the tenant to preserve their rights and to create a safe, orderly and healthy environment that increases the chances of safe co-existence between individuals.

The importance of that program lies in:
  • Regulate the relationship between owners and occupants of condominiums.
  • Setting rules and regulations as well as monitoring mechanisms for their application.
  • Organization of property and facility management services.
  • Spreading cultural awareness of the importance of respecting these regulations and applying them to the fullest extent possible.

The company offers a comprehensive and comprehensive package of services related to real estate sector and financial transactions related to it, relying on the hands of trained and qualified staff to provide high quality services and competitive prices, only to facilitate the work and strengthen the relationship of mutual trust between us and our customers.

One of the company’s most prominent services in the field of sales and property:
  • Document all sales and purchases.
  • And issuing real estate documents.
  • Work on regulating the real estate sector.
  • Spread more knowledge and real estate culture.
  • Encouraging investment by providing all services.
  • Termination of all legal proceedings relating to real estate transactions.

The company employs its expertise in the field of maintenance and operation to meet the wishes and needs of its customers in full, using the latest methods and technologies that are compatible with the international standards for maintenance and operation services, which includes all stages of the project from the beginning until the completion, in our belief in the importance of perfect work and quality to win the confidence of customers and achieve Their complete satisfaction about us.

In order to increase the level of real estate services and remove the obstacles and challenges facing the client when you want to make sales or leasing; our company provided a complete package of services to market, sell and rent real estate to its customers, now you can Dear customer to end all legal real estate without trouble or concern, Just contact us for real estate brokerage services which include negotiating rent to provide the best rental price, as well as managing contracts and setting the terms and conditions on which the contract is based. The company also helps you to select the best applicants for rent and finish all the work procedures So as to ensure the rights of both parties.


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